Know your audience

One thing I’ve discovered in the past few weeks: some people actually read this stuff. Three of my friends/colleagues (that’s a strict ‘/’ there) have asked me about the chipper guy in the store, so I know that people are watching these pages.

‘What will he write next?’ ‘How will Miguel charm and amaze us?’ and ‘What other advice can he give us to enhance our lives?’ are just three of the questions they never ask. No, the people who peruse these pages are not the design cognoscenti I was hoping for. It seems I attract punctuation fiends, nitpickers and moralists, which is why I’ve turned the comments field on this site *off*. If you want to express your opinions, get your own blog.

If I wanted to pander to the public, I’d post pictures of kittens and videos of people having hilarious accidents. This site is for expressing intelligent insights about life, art, and the ineffable attraction of shiny objects. If you don’t like it, get out.


Is anyone still there…?

Okay, okay, you win.



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