Guilty pleasures

Today I did something bad. I am a reprehensible human being. I have destroyed a little piece of the planet. I bought a *newspaper*.

Remember those? The big, dirty things covered in ink that used to weigh you down when you came back from the store? Well, they’re still around.

I was up early and it’s a weekend, so I thought I’d pass the time by picking through a newspaper in bed. And you know what? It was great. Hundreds of pages, thousands of words, for half a pocketful of change. I’m used to consuming my news through tabbed browser windows, but this was so *huge*. I spread out all the sections over my sheets, pictures the size of a 17” screen, and all instantly accessible. Even ignoring the more tedious subsections, it kept me busy for hours until I realized it was lunchtime and I was hungry.

Forget the stock market – buy paper. I can see this stuff catching on.


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