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Wake up and smell the… what *is* this?

One of the gifts I should have mentioned on my birthday was a sumptuous, shiny espresso machine (thank you, Karel) in fire engine red with chrome fittings. It’s a fantastic piece of engineering, precision tooled, and amazing to look at too. Trouble is, it kind if draws attention to the absurdity of the whole process. I mean, forcing water through beans, then frothing up the reduced-fat lactate of a bovine I’ve never met, and topping it off with a dusting of a different type of beans-and-milk, all through this red, metallic hunk of hardware. Who the hell dreamt this up?

I guess the Chinese have had their tea ceremony for centuries. They drink weirder things in the rainforests. And don’t get me started on how bizarre smoking tobacco is. But I guess all of these things are ceremonies. Coffee is in our culture. I mean, imagine how much harder it would be to entice someone upstairs if you couldn’t invite them in for coffee.


Drastic measures

I’ve decided to try a month without alcohol. This is how I do moderation: all or nothing.

At the weekend, I kind of overdid things. Two birthday parties, a gallery opening, free wine, tequila back at Andre’s… it was great until I realized it was Sunday night and I was still wearing Friday’s pants. So I’m taking a break.

Now you’ll have to be patient with me. I’m not sure how I’m going to react and I could get snippy or uptight or depressed or who knows what. My trainer thinks I’ll feel stronger and fitter and happier, but what does he know, he’s been so pumped up on steroids for the last decade that his brain has shrunk to the size of a walnut.

Okay, that was snippy.

This could be a long month.