Everybody has their obsessions, I understand that. My father used to spend whole weekends hitting a small white ball around a field with men in plaid pants. With other people, work is their obsession, and I get that too – those lucky schmucks who love their jobs and can’t get enough of the daily grind.

Right now, I’m working with a group of varied individuals who all have an interest in games. But some are, well, unhealthily interested.

It’s a measure of their obsession that, compared to these guys, I’m a model of restraint. Ignatius is an MMO addict. Jess works and plays and works and plays and can’t tell the difference. And 3lite won’t stop until he’s pwned every level and every opponent in every game he can find.

So while my friends tend to think of me as that stay-at-home (yet stylish) tech-head who messes around with computers all day, I’d just like to say that I am a well-adjusted 23-year-old with an active social life and a healthy attitude to digital entertainment.

In other words, I could be worse.


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