I vont to drink your blaad

I’ve been dreaming about this First Drink for the past three weeks. A fun way of passing the long sober nights has been deciding what my First Drink was going to be. Something light, to ease me back into the saddle? Something rich, to remind me what I’ve been missing? Something harsh, to scorch my throat and remind me of why I’ve been taking a month off?

In the end, the decision was made for me on Friday night when I met up with Karel and some friends before a show and everyone else was enjoying wickedly strong cocktails. I ordered a club soda and watched them all laughing and a thought suddenly flashed into my mind: I so wanted a drink that I would gladly have sucked the blood-alcohol right out of them.

Don’t worry, I kept my incisors to myself and instead pledged that my first drink when I fell off the wagon would be a Bloody Mary. And so it is. Cheers.


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