Home is looking busy and beautiful, and it’s great (if weird) to see thousands of people dancing their way around the place now. They seem to like it. We’re still testing new spaces, and some are going to be wonderful, but the pace is starting to slow down for us now… I have time on my hands… I need a project.

It’s not that I don’t find my job fulfilling, but it’s always good to have something going on outside of work, something you can call your own. Everybody else has found something to get on with. Ignatius is building up his guild in a quest for world domination. Jess is working away on her own secret project (probably some new workflow software so she can boss us around more effectively). And here I am, wondering what to do with myself now that Home has launched and the big fanfare has faded.

Maybe I should start customizing furniture. Maybe sell a few pieces. Maybe virtual, maybe real. People always say they love my place and all the little touches, but this apartment is done now. I need to branch out. Any ideas?


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