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Bad luck coming

If you didn’t have a chance to delve into the code of Home (why would you?) and find the strange distorted image that 3lite dug up, I recreate it here for you. It’s been cleaned up some, but it’s still kind of rough.


But it’s not what it shows that has me worried. It’s what it means for the future.

Now, you know I love new things. New = interesting = entertainment. But I suppose what we are talking about here is *the unknown*. Fear of change. Some people thrive on it – the pragmatists and the mad, if you ask me – but when it comes down to it, I’m far more comfortable with what I know: the comfort movie I’ve seen 30 times, the exact same chili recipe every time I see my family. The comfort of the familiar.

The unknown is scary because eventually luck always runs out.

I look at this picture of… who-knows-what? Is it a place? They tell me it’s mutating and while everyone else is popping veins trying to find it, I can’t help thinking that maybe we should hold back. Maybe our luck has finally run out.