Blind to reason

This one goes out to the Englishman with an attitude problem…

I see through you. It’s true you know the way to our basest desires. You revel in it like a dog rolling in the dirt. But I know a trick or two as well and you, dawg, are simpler than you think.

You want to believe that Xi is ‘treasure’ because quite simply you are greedy. Greedy and blind to reason, chasing your precioussss!

How do I know this? Well, I was conceived to Betty Blue, weaned on afternoon melodrama and taught to shut up with the death of Bambi’s mom – I know a good drama when I see one. And you can’t get more dramatic than that big black monolith door in the hub. We’ve all seen it, we’ve all wondered about it and tried to open it I’m sure. That’s its purpose. It’s Bluebeard’s ghost, there to weave its tendrils around us.

Forget wild goose chases across the globe. In my opinion, our story will end when we find out where that door leads.


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