Look back

Ignatius is so full of haste. And anger. I’d feel sorry for him but he’d be offended by my pity – he’s much more comfortable with the voodoo pins I’m sticking in his image right now, aren’t you, Ignatius?

Yes, those screams mean he’s enjoying the pain.

Now, bfs and gfs: can it be a coincidence that the fragments we’re filling in on the HoloPAD are creating something that has more than a passing resemblance to that door in the hub? This is drama, remember? In drama there’s no such thing as coincidence. It’s proof that I’m right!

There’s a guiding hand behind all this, and I’m sure it belongs to Jess. I mean, try this. Go to the HoloPAD and type in my date of birth (mmddyyyy) – the very day I was born. That’s got to be a sign that I’m on the right lines here.

What do you mean, you don’t know when I was born? You really haven’t been paying attention to this blog at all…


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