Let the drama unfold

By now you may have discovered the sixth fragment and in doing so received a t-shirt. Go girl, go boy! But the door has not opened. If we’re right and all the fragments are needed to release the door, we still have more than a dozen more to find. Where are they going to come from? This strange arena seems to have given up all it’s going to, suggesting… new worlds? What awaits us?

Well, if you take my advice, don’t be hasty like our friend Ignatius. Let the drama unfold.

Why would I say this? Because the door in the hub reminds me of a monolith and if it’s true that everything has a purpose then its very design might be telling us something.

There are only two monoliths in popular culture that I know of.

Everyone knows about the big black slab in that classic Kubrick movie – but there’s a very different one in the story that inspired it.

So before you rush off to find the next zone, take a half-hour to read ‘The Sentinel’ by Arthur C. Clarke. And pay close attention to the last page. The overly curious amongst you might learn something.


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