The inner-beautiful people

What wonderful people every last primped and preened one of you are. The Hub has never seen anything quite like it – Friday in particular was utter mayhem with impromptu parties galore as thousands of you cast off your shackles to reveal your inner loveliness.

I can’t pick out any favourites since there were so many totally awesome make overs – but you know what, I’m going to anyway:

‘|Achilleas|’ – scary

‘Ognamus’ – reclaiming Texas for real men

‘jawa_juice’ – a real exhibitionist

Godsgift1888′ – how brave you were to show us your nurse’s outfit

You were all so brave and deserve a big hug from Miguel! If only the big wide world could be so honest. More than anything, you’ve all shown me and the whole of Home what fun can be had with a few party tricks.

Thank you everyone

Miguel xxx


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