Top secret

Something very special has happened over the weekend. I can’t tell you everything – in fact I can’t tell you anything and it is soooo not fair! But just to pre-empt your congratulations, I’m not about to become a father (brother that would be a shock!) and Perez Hilton has yet to ask me to guest edit his site (only a matter of time, I’m sure).

So what, I hear you say, can be so exciting? Britney and Justin doing a duet in my bathroom? Not even close!

I will reveal all, so to speak, when the time comes, but for now I can reveal only one thing: the alphaAFK is finally getting its priorities right, stopping all the griefing and throwing a party. That’s right. But keep it quiet, this is hot off the press, hush hush and on the QT. I’ll let you know where and when soon.


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