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The shallow end

“Hispanic, US national, enjoys being center of attention in real world and chatrooms. Opinionated and egotistical. Led by emotions. Talks of ideals but does not act on them. Shallow.”

So reads the report in my ‘dossier’.

Wow. Free from politeness, free from any tempering to spare anyone’s feelings – that’s my whole identity flattened in a couple of dozen words. The others say they feel violated but for me – maybe because my character has been so totally trashed (even Ignatius comes off better) – this is worse.

How dare they presume to know me? They don’t know me. Where were my surveillance videos, where were my photos? At least these would have shown the world something of me.

And ‘low threat’ hurts even more. Low threat. Irrelevant. Powerless.

The thing that hurts most though is *you* saying nothing, casually observing as we were turned inside out. I thought Café con Miguel was a space of trust between us, a small connection in the chaos of the universe. Obviously I misjudged you. So that’s it, it’s over. Café con Miguel is closed for business.