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In Mexico, we have the Day of the Dead. My grandmother says on that day – it’s in November – dead ancestors come to visit us, brought on the wings of butterflies. When they leave they take the souls of the newly departed away with them.

Butterflies have been on my mind lately. This is from Wikipedia: “The Taoist philosopher Zhuangzi once had a dream of being a butterfly flying without care about humanity, however when he woke up and realized it was just a dream, he thought to himself, ‘Was I before a man who dreamt about being a butterfly, or am I now a butterfly who dreams about being a man?’”

I like that. Butterflies seem to be symbolic of many things, depending on where and when you’re from – a person’s soul, a portent of evil or conversely good luck, a symbol of love or loved ones coming to visit. Like anything, I suppose everyone takes away what they want.

Most common though, at least in popular culture as I know it, is it’s association with transformation. Madame Butterfly, David Bowie, Papillon, Silence of the Lambs (okay, that was a moth) – these are off the top of my head and I’m sure there are more.

So why the butterfly, Jess? Are you bringing evil upon us or are you transforming into something? What’s the skinny, girl?

Anyone else have any thoughts?


Let the drama unfold

By now you may have discovered the sixth fragment and in doing so received a t-shirt. Go girl, go boy! But the door has not opened. If we’re right and all the fragments are needed to release the door, we still have more than a dozen more to find. Where are they going to come from? This strange arena seems to have given up all it’s going to, suggesting… new worlds? What awaits us?

Well, if you take my advice, don’t be hasty like our friend Ignatius. Let the drama unfold.

Why would I say this? Because the door in the hub reminds me of a monolith and if it’s true that everything has a purpose then its very design might be telling us something.

There are only two monoliths in popular culture that I know of.

Everyone knows about the big black slab in that classic Kubrick movie – but there’s a very different one in the story that inspired it.

So before you rush off to find the next zone, take a half-hour to read ‘The Sentinel’ by Arthur C. Clarke. And pay close attention to the last page. The overly curious amongst you might learn something.


Look back

Ignatius is so full of haste. And anger. I’d feel sorry for him but he’d be offended by my pity – he’s much more comfortable with the voodoo pins I’m sticking in his image right now, aren’t you, Ignatius?

Yes, those screams mean he’s enjoying the pain.

Now, bfs and gfs: can it be a coincidence that the fragments we’re filling in on the HoloPAD are creating something that has more than a passing resemblance to that door in the hub? This is drama, remember? In drama there’s no such thing as coincidence. It’s proof that I’m right!

There’s a guiding hand behind all this, and I’m sure it belongs to Jess. I mean, try this. Go to the HoloPAD and type in my date of birth (mmddyyyy) – the very day I was born. That’s got to be a sign that I’m on the right lines here.

What do you mean, you don’t know when I was born? You really haven’t been paying attention to this blog at all…


Blind to reason

This one goes out to the Englishman with an attitude problem…

I see through you. It’s true you know the way to our basest desires. You revel in it like a dog rolling in the dirt. But I know a trick or two as well and you, dawg, are simpler than you think.

You want to believe that Xi is ‘treasure’ because quite simply you are greedy. Greedy and blind to reason, chasing your precioussss!

How do I know this? Well, I was conceived to Betty Blue, weaned on afternoon melodrama and taught to shut up with the death of Bambi’s mom – I know a good drama when I see one. And you can’t get more dramatic than that big black monolith door in the hub. We’ve all seen it, we’ve all wondered about it and tried to open it I’m sure. That’s its purpose. It’s Bluebeard’s ghost, there to weave its tendrils around us.

Forget wild goose chases across the globe. In my opinion, our story will end when we find out where that door leads.


Bad luck coming

If you didn’t have a chance to delve into the code of Home (why would you?) and find the strange distorted image that 3lite dug up, I recreate it here for you. It’s been cleaned up some, but it’s still kind of rough.


But it’s not what it shows that has me worried. It’s what it means for the future.

Now, you know I love new things. New = interesting = entertainment. But I suppose what we are talking about here is *the unknown*. Fear of change. Some people thrive on it – the pragmatists and the mad, if you ask me – but when it comes down to it, I’m far more comfortable with what I know: the comfort movie I’ve seen 30 times, the exact same chili recipe every time I see my family. The comfort of the familiar.

The unknown is scary because eventually luck always runs out.

I look at this picture of… who-knows-what? Is it a place? They tell me it’s mutating and while everyone else is popping veins trying to find it, I can’t help thinking that maybe we should hold back. Maybe our luck has finally run out.



So you know those New Year’s resolutions you make and then a month later you realise you never did anything about them? Yeah. Welcome to February.
I haven’t quite started a virtual furniture store or fixed up any old chaises longues. I haven’t quite found my ideal project. And I haven’t quite managed to get away from work, which just keeps getting busier. There are so many new spaces in the pipeline that they’re taking on new testers. We don’t talk to them. These young pups never knew the pre-launch days, when men were men and so were their avatars…

And I’ve been neglecting this blog. Sorry. I’ve hardly had a second to myself lately and there simply haven’t been any major traumas in my life. Try not to be disappointed. Trauma is never far away, believe me, so be careful what you wish for.



Home is looking busy and beautiful, and it’s great (if weird) to see thousands of people dancing their way around the place now. They seem to like it. We’re still testing new spaces, and some are going to be wonderful, but the pace is starting to slow down for us now… I have time on my hands… I need a project.

It’s not that I don’t find my job fulfilling, but it’s always good to have something going on outside of work, something you can call your own. Everybody else has found something to get on with. Ignatius is building up his guild in a quest for world domination. Jess is working away on her own secret project (probably some new workflow software so she can boss us around more effectively). And here I am, wondering what to do with myself now that Home has launched and the big fanfare has faded.

Maybe I should start customizing furniture. Maybe sell a few pieces. Maybe virtual, maybe real. People always say they love my place and all the little touches, but this apartment is done now. I need to branch out. Any ideas?

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